Raise your quality expectation with Varnost’s fingerprint reading, card pass, personnel attendance control, turnstile and parking barrier systems.


Varnost® Access Control Systems

Raise your quality expectation with Varnost’s fingerprint reading, card pass, personnel follow-up, turnstile and parking barrier systems.

Personel Devam Kontrol Sistemleri

Personnel Attendance Control System

In Varnost staff attendance control systems, monthly salary and overtime calculation, retroactive checks and reporting on the desired date range are provided.

Parmak İzi Sistemleri

Fingerprint Access Control Systems

Varnost fingerprint reading systems; Constantly updated, advanced algorithm and precise optical sensor readers, it can perform fingerprint mapping in just 1 second.

Kartlı ve Şifreli Geçiş Sistemleri

RFID Card Reader and Password Access Control Systems

Entries and exits are now much safer with system features that allow both card and password entry. Moreover, all inputs and outputs can be controlled and recorded.


Create secure environments and increase labor productivity by controlling both the entrances and exits in your business.

In today’s social and business life, both the level of security and data records are of utmost importance for public and private companies. The most important is collecting data and ensuring controlled passage and security at the same time especially in the busy environments such as public institutions, hospitals, universities, factories, plazas, meetings and seminars organizations and fairs. It is very important for companies to access and store such information. At the end of the day, human tendencies are measured in the data obtained from access control systems; Marketing-sales, or social aspects of the assessment of the duration of the work, to provide feedback to the organization provides an important contribution.

Varnost Geçiş Kontrol Sistemleri
Turnike Sistemleri

Turnstile Systems

On Varnost turnstiles, fingerprint readers, card readers or face recognition readers can be mounted on any swing-gate, cage, optical or tripod turnstile.

Otopark Bariyer Sistemleri

Parking Barrier Systems

Varnost has a new generation of control electronics support for road blockers, traps and traps, license plate recognition systems, arm and mushroom barriers in parking barrier systems.

X-Ray Cihazları ve Dedektörler

X-Ray Devices and Detectors

New technology x-ray devices and detectors allow the selection of products in different features and sizes depending on the baggage intrusion capacity of the plant.



Varnost is the authorized distributor of Dahua access control product group in Turkey.

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