If you want to make your home or workplace smart and safe for property security and life safety at the same time, invest in your confidence and keep your mind behind; You can start with the Electronic Lock selection.

VARNOST Electronic Lock System; It is a very important factor in your confidence in our company that it is a very short installation time, elegant appearance and in addition to being able to control your door with your smartphone. Wherever you are, your safety will be in your hands and in the safety of our brand.

With Varnost Electronic Lock;
– You can check if your door is locked,
– You can give access to family members or guests with limited access time,
– You can receive mobile notifications and intervene instantly when an unauthorized entry happens in to your home or workplace with any key or intrusion. You can also get information about the incoming visitor by remotely connecting to your camera system at the same time by receiving a mobile notification when you are not in the place.

Why Use Electronic Lock Instead of Standard Lock.

* Since there is no mechanical catch in our Electronic Locks, it will not make disturbing noises when the door is opened and closed.

* Since there is no catch in our electronic locks, the risk of being left open is reduced to zero if the door is not seated.

* You can use our Smart Lock with Card, Encrypted, Fingerprint and remote control at the same time.

* Even if you accidentally open your door (by pressing on a circle or a button), it will automatically lock automatically after 5 seconds.

* You do not need to adjust the door hydraulics (door spring) every season.

* Even if the power is cut off, your lock will continue to operate and safety will not be appreciated.

* When your hands are full you can open the door easily with “SHOW-PASS” system instead of dealing with the key.

* Our clerk gives an audible warning that the door has been opened and closed. It can also be solved with a siren to which a loud warning can be added in case of illegal opening.

* Opening, forced opening, notification for legal and illegal entrance and exit, and audible alarm can be defined.

* It is flexible with different additional requests and sensor, external button, siren can be connected.

* Suitable for remote control system.

* It works with 12V DC voltage and electricity consumption is low enough to be ignored.

* Our device has 5 years VARNOST Brand guarantee.