VARNOST is serving with its high technology products that can meet all kinds of needs at these times when the rapidly growing need for security pushes businesses towards more creative and more economical solutions that do not compromise on technology and quality.

VARNOST has developed these solutions with detailed studies and collaborations with selected global brands in accordance with the needs of the market. Varnost aims to make a difference in this area with its product quality, experience in sales and after-sales services, and with its trained dealer channel.

VARNOST has a wide range of products in its product range with various technologies, features and capacities that will meet all needs from smallest capacities like home and office to the highest turn-key projects of public and private sector institutions.

The ever-increasing need for security from day to day makes observable, flexible, quality and economical systems necessary and important. In this context, modern and emerging technologies are suitable, and IP (network) based systems are becoming the reason for the transition and new installation.
Ip Cameras are devices that are generally easy to install and use.
It provides great facilities in the establishment of industrial and large scale systems.
With its high resolution picture and video quality, long record storage and a wide variety of alternatives, it can meet all needs of video camera systems.
IP camera technology now offers image quality up to 15 Mega Pixels. It is predicted that this technology, which will increase according to the necessity, can only be met by this technology. In this regard, the flexible technologies that DAHUA brand will provide are important for trust.

Dahua IP Technology
With Dahua IP camera series products, you can get the appropriate series you need,
With Dahua Ultra Smart, Dahua Lite and Dahua Eco-savvy series, the Project can work with focus. You can see good quality and competitive prices, you can have high performance with high quality products. With IP Starlight technology, you can discover intelligent cameras that can take in night-time color vision, and the Starlight ultra-smart series Dahua NVRs can easily be integrated with accessories and video software.

Dahua ip cameras are the best quality cameras in the sector and Turkey has a serious market share in the security sector. Dahua Technology, the architecture of HDCVI Camera technologyIP Camera and NVRrecorders.

IP Camera: In addition to providing technology ethernet lines defined as PoE, we can say that the devices are required to operate at the required electrical power. IP cameras with PoE feature completely eliminate the wiring costs for the electric power, which is a significant cost advantage. When integrated with Infra Redtechnology, the camera is easy to use at night. Internet access can be provided at any time. It can be used easily in open and closed places. Features such as Mechanical Filter Replacement, PoE Support, SD Memory Support, High Processing Power, Triple Data Stream.

The new generation IP dome and external cameras can respond to resolutions and auto zoom needs, and it is possible to view large areas. These cameras are not affected by the open environment, and data access is easy with IP features. Vandal Proof is available for attack resistant models.