Varnost cares about the security and demands of its customers with options that offer faster access at the car parks and site entrances and produces individual solutions for each customer. It manufactures parking barriers and automatic barrier systems such as arm barrier, mushroom barrier, roadblocker, traps and license plate recognition systems to provide safely and quickly entrance and exit in parking lots and speed up transitions.

With its hydraulic and arm barrier and plate recognition systems, Varnost offers expertly insightful automatic barrier systems while offering a variety of options to suit every need. With a variety of barriers, traps and license plate recognition systems and trap variants for use, especially AVMs, roads, sites are now much safer.

With Varnost ‘s advanced control electronics support, road blockers, barrier and trappings, license plate recognition systems, parking lots and mushroom barriers, can be controlled remotely with remote control, card reader electronics (Magnetic, Proximity, Mifare, KGS, HGS), button. Thanks to parking barrier systemsroad traps and traps and road blockers, the streets and parking areas are secured, such as adverse direction entrances and pedestrian paths.

Visit Varnost’s FAAC Manufacturing Facility in Italy

As Varnost team, we visited the modern manufacturing factory of FAAC in Bologna, Italy and visited the manufacturing and testing department of the barrier systems, which continued to work even under difficult conditions.

With the parking barrier system, entrance and exit of certain vehicles can be controlled by using the license plate reading system feature on entering and leaving the parking areas. At the same time, the enterances and exits of all vehicles can be recorded and reports can be generated.

With the automatic switching feature of mushroom barrier and lever barriers with hydraulic and pneumatic options, vehicles can be passed in a non-stop manner quickly and safely. Especially in shopping malls, facility entrances and for street pedestrianization studies of city halls, mushroom barriers are often used as preferred systems. Mushroom barriers can be produced with the required diameter and height according to the needs and demands of the customer.

Varnost‘s license plate recognition systems, especially preferred for arm barrier systems, and video content analysis application, which is supported by HGS (rapid transit system in eng.) feature and assistive support software, allow vehicle plates to be identified and read via cameras. The vehicles recognized on the license plate provide rapid, controlled and safe passage through the opening of the parking barrier. In addition, by using the same system in box office passageways, they are gained from time to time by fast transitions and support for solving traffic jam problems is provided. HGS and license plate recognition systems are widely used as a preferred system for building and site security.

Feedback is obtained when the license plate recognition system provides high level of security through effective use in areas requiring special and public safety due to the ability to report transit of incoming and outgoing vehicles and to store information.