Varnost'un sunduğu İtalyan üretimi mantar bariyer çözümleri ile araç trafiğini kontrol edin.

Control your vehicle traffic with Varnost’s Italian-manufactured mushroom barrier solutions. © FAAC Italy


With Italian-made hydraulic mushroom barrier solutions from Varnost, easily control vehicle traffic for residential, commercial, industrial and urban areas with limited safety applications, traffic and environmental protection.

With its high performance and easy installation, FAAC mushroom barriers ensure years of trouble-free operation thanks to the perfect installation of the experienced Varnost technical team and the easy maintenance of the user.

Varnost offers different hydraulic mushroom solutions for different needs;

  • J200 Series for residential areas,
  • J275 series for commercial, industrial and urban limited access areas and
  • For sensitive environmental protection in sensitive areas, there are a range of J355 M30-P1 series of mushroom barriers.

J200 Series – Mushroom barriers for residential areas

  • J200HA Automatic Mushroom Barrier: It is especially suitable for organizing vehicle traffic while maintaining intelligent control in residential areas while maintaining aesthetic appeara