American standard electric strike (short panel)

The electromagnetic part is made of high quality magnetic materials and uses special technology processing so that after using it for a long time, it will no longer be magnetism. It supports the door with a 90 degree angle. The electric grease uses stainless steel material with high hardness, so it can withstand 500kg impact pressure.
◆ Bear 500kg impact pressure.

◆ Custom design, you can adjust the lock bolt distance.

◆ suitable for metal frame with a hole for direct loading.

◆ pass 100 000 times of aging test.

◆ Products pass the EU CE and china MA certificate.

◆ surface treated with high temperature baking varnish and durable and beautiful.

VI-702 Bas Aç Kilit

Product Parameter Parameter Description
Lock Size 124Lx32Wx33H(mm)
Holding Stength   500KG
lt structure   Stainless Steel
Input Voltage   DC12V±10%
Working Current   320mA
Suitable Temperature -10~+55℃(14-131F)
Door Type Applicable  Wooden Door,Metal Door,PVC Door
Signal Output NO
Security Type Lock When Power off( Standard), Unlock When Power off(Customizable)
Weight 0.34KG