Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Varnost Access Control Systems’ corporate website and reading our Privacy Policy. To improve the user experience, we keep a record of your visit time and the pages you visit. The basics of our Privacy Policy are simple and straightforward. We do not request or collect personal information in any way other than the information you provide on our website, except when you write it in the contact form during your visit.

General Information

Varnost Access Control Systems content of the information generated during your visit to our website and registration process:

The time, date, pages you visited etc. and this kind of information is automatically recorded by our system for use in reshaping and configuring processes in accordance with your needs and your needs. This information is often communicated to our system by your internet browser. This information can not be used for identification.

A complete list of information automatically collected and recorded during your visit:

  • Your IP address (the number to which your computer is temporarily assigned by your service provider during your internet connection)
  • The kind of internet browser and operating system you are using
  • Date and time of visit
  • The pages you visit and the forms and documents you downloaded
  • The web address that provides the link to your visit if you perform the link from another web address.

The number of visitors detected and the rate of visits of the pages, the visitor’s visit frequency and preferred browser etc. The information about the software is gathered for the purpose of better serving you and for the re-shaping and structuring processes. Automatically collected information does not contain any personal information.