We care about the security and demands of our customers and we provide custom solutions to our customers. Varnost turnstile systems provide fast, secure and modern transitions by offering different solutions for the passages in crowded places such as plazas, public institutions, sites or passages where entries are charged with money.

We offer solutions that will add value to our customers’ brand values with our expert, young dynamic, experienced technical service and turnstile systems which are identified with corporate identity of companies, public institutions and organizations, and are suitable for architectural design and building structure, fast, safe and comfortable.

Varnost turnstile access control systems have an important place in access control systems. The turnstile selections for the purpose of access control and the security systems required to be implemented connect with each other. Thanks to different types of turnstiles, entries and exits to offices, dining halls or factories and to public places such as stadiums are controlled safely. It can also be used by various institutions and organizations to prevent unauthorized access by making personnel restriction.

On turnstile systems, fingerprint readers, card readers or face recognition readers can be installed on the turnstiles as required. The types of turnstiles used in private or public institutions and organizations are called tripod turnstilesoptical turnstilesswing gates and handrails. We offer our customers full-length(cage) turnstile designs specially designed for use in areas such as stadiums to meet and secure crowded groups.

Passengers who pass through turnstile systems that we offer as Varnost,  according to the different needs of our customers can be allowed to pass by independent remote pass permission. Card readers mounted on turnstiles can be mounted in both directions. Turnstiles can be custom designed for customers with stainless steel top or side panel options, offering options that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Varnost has made the principle of providing complete technical service after sales and after installation by delivering the requested and required system in a fault-free and complete manner while producing special solutions to the firm. We work diligently with our expert staff and 14 years experience to provide the best service to our customers.