Boy Turnikesi

Strength is the front plan with a full height turnstile that does not allow unauthorized passage from the top or bottom of the turnstile.


Full-height turnstiles where robustness and high safety are taken to forefront are preferred in crowded environments (stadium, prison, multi-storey business centers) because they are so high that no one can easily pass without permission and are also resistant to brute forces. Also known as cage turnstiles, full height turnstiles are sized so that the visitor can not pass under or over the turnstile.

The full-height turnstiles offered by Varnost where the stability is the front-end are produced as 3-armed or 4-armed. The size jacket, which is quite resistant to brute force, can hardly be opened by any human power. The 3-armed full-height turnstile is preferred by business centers. The aim here is to allow the passage of a significant number of authorized passengers. For this reason, 2 people can pass at the same time from the 3-armed full-height turnstile. For example, the driver who leaves his/her vehicle in the park of the plaza can pass the person who accompanied to him/her. However, the situation is slightly different in the 4-armed full-height turnstile; Because these turnstiles allow only one person to pass at the same time in a stadium-like environment, where paid passes are the norm.

Full-height (cage) turnstiles assembled by Varnost and integrated with all kinds of card readers can allow passage from both sides with electronic microprocessor control. The full-height turnstile produced from AISI 304 quality stainless steel, thanks to the fact that the latching pads are monoblock to the body, there is no loosening or thawing of the turnstiles’ mechanism.

The cage-type full-height turnstiles have 2 options as single way full-height turnstile and double way full-height turnstile.