LTOP 301 Optical Turnstile


The TOP 301 provides maximum transit safety in its class thanks to its high glass panes and linear moving blades. Banks and holdings are used in places where luxury and prestige are at the forefront. Here architects and decorators have been given the chance to make many different super models. Wood, marble, granite besides leather and various walnut, oak, olive coatings using very luxurious solutions and their own special decorations are realized.
The LTOP 301 turnstiles form a corridor. In the middle of this corridor there is a curtain / wing that prevents passage from glass or plexiglass. This curtain / wing opens when you read the visitor’s card. During the passage of a visitor, the sensor sensors in the corridor will suddenly close the door and alarm when someone passes the door without letting the reader read the card. However, if there is a danger to the person during sudden shutdown, the wing does not close but alarm sounds and warns of safety.
In LTOP 301, the wings open and close by moving linearly. The tops of these models can be stainless steel, marble or granite. If desired, polished veneer wood can be used. In our standard models the corridor sides are usually black plexiglass or stainless steel. In addition, by removing the LTOP 301’s corridor length by 2 meters, the transition system can be changed to: The wings are constantly open. But suddenly it closes when you want to pass without reading the card. This system is ideal for very dense transitions. However, because people do not see an obstacle in between, they want to pass because of ignorance. Due to this reason, this system is very suitable for the staff of the company and can switch as fast as the speed of the card readers.